Booking Conditions

Booking Conditions

The contracts of travel of which to it encloses programs to you mean regulated to you from the N.1084 law of the 27/12/77 of ratify and execution of the International Convention of the Contract of Travel (CCV) signed to Brussels the 23/4/70 and from the the 17/3/95 D.Lgs of N.111 of performance of Directive the EEC N.90/314 of the 13/6/90. The responsibility of the Organization of the travel cannot in no case to exceed the limits previewed from the cited laws.

In order to reserve is necessary to send the card of participation to every the travel debilitation compiled in its part and undersigned, united to the account or the balance. The acceptance of the reservation is subordinate clause, from part of the Organizer of the travels to the availability of the places and it agrees perfected at the moment of the confirmation from part of the same Organization.

To the action of the reservation they will have to be pours the registration share to you and an equal account to 25% of the participation share. The balance will have to be poured to the reception of the confirmation of reservation and however not beyond 30 days before the departure. The lacked observance these conditions from part of the Customer authorizes the Organization to cancel the reservations also already confirmed

The participant at least 7 days before the departure of the travel will receive a letter contains all the relative information to the chosen travel and a summing up of the services comprised in the participation share. The shipment of travel documents is subordinated to the reception of the balance.

The shares participation to the travel are from proposed we in Euro. The payments are accepted in Euro with banking discount. The quotas could be modified, until 20 days before the departure, as a result of happened variations of the cost and aerial rate, foreign exchange rate of the different services. If the increase of the total price exceeds 10%, the Customer has the faculty of recedere from the contract as long as of it gives communication written to the Organization within 48 hours from the reception of the relative communication to the increase.

If for necessity, the Organization had to modify in meaningful way or more parts of the contract, of it will give immediately warning in written shape to the participant who, where not chip axes the proposed variation, will be able to go back on without penitentiary payment, giving some communication written within 2 work days to you from the reception of the warning.

In the case in which the travels they did not come carries out to you for decision of the Organization for causes of act of God or for independent reasons from the will of the same Organization, they will come integrally reimbursed the quotas poured within 7 work days to you from the date of communication of the cancellation of the travel. The Furlan travels can equally cancel the travel when the minimal number of participants previewed in the program is not caught up and always that that is carried to acquaintance of the participant at least 20 days before the departure. Also in this case the Organization will not have no other obligation that that one of the restitution of the received sums.

If a participant enrolled to the travel had to renounce will straight have to the reimbursement of the sum total of the travel, deriving from the contract, to clearly of the quota registration and the penalties here of continuation indicated: -10% until 60 days before the departure; -40% until 30 days before the departure; -80% until 11 days before the departure; -90% until 8 days before the departure; no reimbursement after such terms, that´s also no reimbursement will be up to who could not carry out the travel for lack or irregularity of previewed personal documents of expatriation.

The organizer, in case after the departure finds itself in the impossibility to supply for whichever reason, unless for a fact just of the consumer, an essential part of the services contemplates to you in contract, will have to predispose solutions alternatives, without supplements of price to cargo of the contractor and in case the supplied performances are of inferior value regarding those previewed, to reimburse it in equal measure to such difference. In case it does not turn out possible some solution alternative, that is the solution predisposed from the organizer comes refused from the consumer for serious and justifies reasons to you, the organizer will supply without price supplement, means of transport previewed equivalent to that original one for the return to the departure place or to the various eventually agreed place, compatibly to the availabilities of means and places and will reimburse it in the measure of the difference between the cost of the previewed performances and that one of the performances carried out until the moment of re-enters anticipated.

The participant in case is found in the impossibility to have use of of the travel package can yield the contract to a third party, on condition that these satisfy all the conditions and requirement for the fruizione of the services object of the package. In such case the communication will have to reach the Organization at least 7 work days to you before the departure and to indicate the name and address of the subentrante person. They will come debits to you Euro 25.00, beyond to the quota registration to the travel.

The participants will have to be fortified of passport characterize them or of other valid document for all the countries she touches to you from the route, let alone of the approvals of stay and transit and of she certifys to you sanitary that were eventually demands. They moreover will have to adhere to the observance of the rules of normal precaution and diligence and to those detailed lists in vigor in the countries of destination of the travel, to all the information supplied they give the organizer, let alone to the regulations and relative the administrative or legislative dispositions to the tourist package. The participants will be call to you to answer of all the damages that the organizer had to endure because of their inadempienza to over examined obligations. The consumer is held to supply to the organizer all documents, the information and the elements in its possession useful for the exercise of the right of replace of this last one in the comparisons of the responsible thirds party of the damage and are responsible towards the organizer of the prejudgment brought to the substitution right. The consumer will also communicate for enrolled the organizer, to the action of the reservation, the demanded particular personal that they will be able to form object of specific agreements on the modalities of the travel, always that turns out some possible the performance.

The organizer answers of the damages brings you to the consumer to reason of the inadempimento partial total or of the performances contractually due, is that the same ones come personally carried out from he that from supplying thirds party of the services, less than tests that the event is derived from fact of consumer (therein comprised initiatives independently assumed from these last in the course of the execution of the tourist services) or from circumstances strangers to the supply of the performances previewed in contract, from fortuitous case, act of God, that is circumstances that the same organizer could not, second the professional diligenza, reasonably to preview or to resolve.

The organizer is held lend the measures of attendance to the consumer taxes from the criterion of professional diligence exclusively in reference to the obligation just loaded for contract or law disposition. The organizer and the vendor are esonerati from the respective responsibilities, when the lacked one or inexact execution of the contract is imputable to the consumer or is depended from the fact of a third party to unforeseeable or unavoidable character, that is from a fortuitous case or of act of God.

Every lack in the execution of the contract must be contested from the consumer without delay so that the organizer, its local representative or the companion place you remedy timely. The consumer can also to stick claim by means of the shipment of a registered letter, with warning of reception, to the organizer or to the vendor, within and beyond ten work days to you from the date of I do not re-enter near the locality of departure to average registered letter with reception warning.

For whichever controversy will be exclusively competent the place of jurisdiction of Palermo.

Its instituted near the Director general´s office for the Tourism of the Ministry of the Productive Activities the Bottom of Guarantee which the consumer can address (to the senses of the art. 21 D. lgs. 111/95), in case of insolvency or declared failure of the organizer, for the protection of the following requirements: a) reimbursement of the poured price; b) its repatriation in the case of travels to the foreign country the bottom must also supply an immediate economic availability in case of re-enters less forced of tourists from extracommunitarian Countries in occasion of imputable emergencies or to the behavior of the organizer. The modalities of participation of the Bottom are established with Prime Minister´s decree of the Ministers of the 23/07/99, n. 349 G.U. n. 249 of the 12/10/1999 (to the senses of the art. 21 n.5 D. lgs. n.111/95).

Every participant have use of of the medical servicing of emergency CEASSISTANCE, near the Mondial Assistance, that it previews the following performances: it centers them telephone 24 hours on 24, shipment or signalling of a doctor, transport/repatriation/return sanitary, transport of the defunct one, advance payment of money, reimbursement medical expenses and luggage.I details and the modalities of I use of this service are contained in the Ceassistance carnet that comes delivered before the departure.

The participants, to the action of the registration, will be able to stipulate of the additional guarantees: cancellation travel, supplement medical expenses from shelter hospital worker, accidents of travel, liability thirds party.

All the customers participants declares to you very to know and to accept the obligation to stipulate, in case uses for the average travel of local transport rents to you in native place or from Italy directly, through Furlan Travels, the insurance policies CDW and PAIRS for the liability deriving from the street circulation of the average foretold ones, also in the cases in which the assurance for risks R.C. it was not obligatory for enforced laws in the country where the travel will be carried out, moreover all the motorcycles must be accredited and in rule with the Rule of the Road. Every participant is directly responsible of the damages to the means that guide and of the damages that this can bring to thirds party.

Furlan Viaggi of the Dante Viaggi s.a.s. Authorization Region Sicily Num. 98/S11 Tur
Insurance Mondial Assistance Num. 161385
It is inquired that all the personal data will come deal to you in the full respect of the dispositions of law 675/1996 and that the treatment of the personal data is directed to the accomplishment from part of the Society of the performances that form object of the tourist package. The personal data will in any case not be transmitted to the thirds party and in every moment they could be cancels to you a request of the consumer.