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Sicily and Natural Parks

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Sicily and Natural Parks

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Sicily and Natural Parks

Sicily and Natural Parks

Sicily in the collective imagination is a dry and hot land... Nothing more wrong!

Madonie, Nebrodi and Etna, forced to change their mind, in fact, each of them over the centuries, helped to create a varied environment rich in animal and plant species.

Species that here have differentiated to become new and unique in the world. The Madonie Park is a botanical paradise, with its fir and its peaks high up to almost 2000.00 meters of altitude. The Nebrodi Park is famous for its beautiful forests. The Etna Park is rich in birch trees, but also full of enchanting, unique and full of perfumes.

And finally, but not least, the Alcantara River Park which is the only fluvial park in Sicily.

In addition Palermo, Castelbuono, Randazzo, Castiglione di Sicilia, Taormina and Catania are some of the great cities and small villages that we will visit and that will show us much of the history and traditions handed down over the centuries in Sicily.

Whether during visits to the parks or during those to the cities, or to the villages, we will have the opportunity to discover and appreciate the rich gastronomic tradition of the island. This tradition is another proof of the various peoples and cultures that succeeded each other in Sicily.




Tour Length: 8 Days / 7Nights

Date Tour: May/June/September/October

Participants: Min 8 Max 15 Pax

Price: From 725,00 Euro

Sicilian Natural Parks

1°st Day: Palermo

2°nd Day: Madonie Natural Park

3°rd Day: Madonie Natural Park

4°th Day: Nebrodi Natural Park

5°th Day: Etna Natural Park

6°th Day: Alcantara Fluvial Park

7°th Day: Taormina, Catania

8°th Day: Catania