About us

About us

Sustainable Tourism for us

Our activities express our convictions and our commitment to the environment. We believe in responsible tourism that looks to the future and not only to the present. A tourism that leaves intact places without

destroying or contaminating them.

Sustainable tourism was born to preserve all the resources of the places visited, natural resources, but not only. These resources, in fact, are not unlimited. We believe that the protection of the environment also presupposes the protection of the cultures that have developed in Sicily For this purpose, it is necessary that there be a commitment on the part of those organizing to promote and practice a different tourism that enhances and destroys all the resources, but also the cultures that characterize these places.

For us it´s not just a job, it´s not just passion, but it´s a mission: sprinkle one of the most beautiful paradises in Europe... Sicily!


Our activities

We offer a Naturalistic Tourism in Sicily through Natural Parks and reserve, Trekking Tours, Food & Wine Tours, individual and group travels tailor made, excursions, sailing boat tours.

Sicilian Passion is a trademark of Furlan Viaggi, a team of travel agents and tour operators who have been working together since 2001, passionate connoisseurs of our island, specialized in Nature Tourism in Sicily.

Our pleasure is to share our passion for Sicily, its places, people and traditions with other people.

Our style of travel based on unique experiences in the territories in which we live and grew, is based on quality, hospitality, simplicity and craftsmanship. This belief led us to organize tours for small groups offering the opportunity to discover the roots of local cultures and perceive the magic of the island.

We promote local products, family-run businesses, small artisans, restaurants and small restaurant that look to the rich Sicilian gastronomic tradition. But also hotels and farmhouses that have a strong sense of hospitality.

We often travel within our territories, and chatting with local people we look for inspiration for new initiatives, to discover new uncontaminated places. This knowledge allows us to customize a program for each tour, depending on the season, the weather conditions, the needs of guests, but also and especially our inspirations.